Hire Offshore Team

We provide offshore IT resources who work remotely for your organization on your multiple development projects. You can hire resource or many resources or dedicated team depending upon your resource hiring requirements.

You can hire all type of resources with range of experience including offshore intern, fresh, intermediate, expert offshore resources.
You can hire mobile app developers, mobile game developers, UI/UX Developer, UI/UX designer, web designer, web developer, backend developer, open-source developer, SEO Expert, ASO Expert, Virtual Assistant, Quality Asusrance, Project manager, Lead developers, principal developers, CG Artist, Game designer, Meta expert, digital marketing manager, social media marketer, ROR developer, Nodejs developer & many more skilled resources. You can hire virtual resources of any skill from our company.

Just post your requirements to us at info@saremcotech.com and we will organize your interview with the right resource.

You have to take just take one final interview, start assigning tasks yourself among your hired team, take daily reporting, check-in & check-out through your given tracking system, hire resources or offshore teams for 40 hours a week and 160 hours a month.

We provide remote resources to work dedicatedly on your projects for months & years depending upon how long you want to contract.

Top Benefits of Hiring Remote Resources from us

Expert Resources in Low Cost

South East Asia is Hub of IT Talent, reduce your cost of development on IT Projects by hiring expert resource in half of your native developer rate. This is not reducing your long term development cost. but also saving your valuable time.

Developers vetted Developers, not by recruiters

Our hired resources are interviewed by team of expert developers and not the recruiters, our developers ask the most relevant technical questions about the software engineering, takes POC and assures that hired resource is 100% Perfect for your given Job Description.


Hiring in Days, not weeks or months

More than 20,000 Skilled IT resources are on our panel & database, we interview & select resources for your final interview within days. It saves your time & cost! With Saremoc Tech, you hire your Virtual resource in days!

Hire Managed Team

Recommended For:

  • No defined project scope
  • PoC or MVP development
  • Internal project management

Hire Extended Team

Recommended For:

  • Long-term development
  • Ongoing bug fixes & Support
  • Frequent deployments

Hire for Projects

Recommended For:

  • Integration or Migration Work
  • App or Web Development
  • Product launch

Hire offshore Developer

Recommended For:

  • Conduct Interview & Hire
  • Web /SaaS/AI/VR/AR/PHP/Backend/UX-UX /Mobile App/Game developer
  • Product/Solution Development
  • 8 Hours a Day & 40 Hours a Week
  • Daily Reporting, Check-in/Check-out
  • Probation period 3 months
  • Hire for years

Need to Hire Offshore Team or Offshore Resource?

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