How to be Successful in E-commerce and Web Page Development?

How to be Successful in E-commerce and Web Page Development?

How to be Successful in E-commerce and Web Page Development?

In the second quarter of 2015, the United States retail sales hits 84 billion that comprises 7% of total-sales in this country. With 100 thousands sites functioning in US, running a store seems simple option. But, 97% of online business is dialed- due to poor Web Page Development and management.

Key factors and Languages required in Web Page Development!

Select the right e-commerce platforms. An e-commerce platform is solution for maintenance and hosting. It is considered a web template, sort of blue-print of site. These platforms are known as ‘shopping cart software’, as they allows us to choose and buy goods from catalog. There are 2 types – self-hosted and hosted e-commerce platforms.

If you are not good at computing, you have better utilize web hosted platform such as Shopify, e-commerce, weekly, or big-commerce. These web services provide ready to use themes, commercial mobile apps, drag and drop good management options, as well as, full time support. Companies who want to have control over an online app’s store must consider with self-hosted platform.

AppnGame, Woo-Commerce and Open Cart are the best examples of software. However self- managed platform need some great understanding and technically of coding process, the apps or games improves e-commerce site development and functionality option. SSK (Secure socket layer) is one of best factor of store. The technology encrypts card number and personal data, turning shopping into fascinating and 100% good experience.

While cloud platform ensure data securities by default, business owner who wants a premise solution and should find reliable web hosting company, find every order and client to generate strong password.  Don’t neglect users. In 2014, 51% of e-commerce site traffic in US came from tablets and smartphones. In order, to keep users of site and convert them into sales leads, you must provide seamless experience, reduce the loading time up to 3 sec and provide coupons.

In this article, we will also discuss some facts like guidelines for website development. However a designer acknowledges the fact those contents prevails over visuals; the design must not under-estimated. Users views on sites in less than 50 ms.   You need to provide clients with high quality images of product (80% of audience knows what they see and not what they want to read). Use light colors in backgrounds. Your images should be taken from all angels. Navigation should be easy,

Use strong SEO strategy. As main output in search get approx. 64% of natural traffic. You are bound to devote some time to SEO. You should improve an e-commerce site ranking. You must use relevant words in heading and image tags. Write precise contents and use user friendly links and plan linking system. It should have tracking system.

Promote your app’s store with social media and blogging. However Pinterest and Instagram are relevant for limited apps. Ask for feedback. Web Page Development is a very challenging activity for all companies. Source coding issues, lack of strategies, poor design result in under-whelming sales. Thus its very important to spend time to learn PHP, HTML/CSS, CSS3, SQL, DATABASES TOOLS, GRAPHIC DESIGNING TOOLS like flash, adobe, Dreamweaver, etc.

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