How to choose a top Web Hosting Company


How to choose a top Web Hosting Company

How can we decide which company is good? Do the disk storage and bandwidth features matters in these days? Which categories of services should we select?  In this article we will explain ways to choose Top Web Hosting Company and services details and top companies for developer’s point of view. We will get answer of some questions.

How to choose top web hosting service?

In short-

  • Know your web hosting requirements
  • Explore uptime guarantees and host reliability
  • Learn upgrading options.
  • Find out all features like number of addon domains allowed as per requirements
  • Need to Check prices in start and end
  • Must check hosting control panel.
  • Know company’s ToS to find out more about server usage policy and account suspension.
Knowing Your Hosting Needs

Without knowing the requirements, you can’t find the Top Web Hosting Company and services– leave everything aside and think about your own needs.

  • What type of website you want to build?
  • Do you like something common for example a ‘WordPress’ blog?
  • Do you want a special version of software’s like PHP?
  • Do you need Windows apps and your site needs any special software?
  • What is ratio of traffic volume go?

If you are new comer in this field then rule is to start small with shared hosting account. It is sufficient, easy to maintain and cheap for new. Moreover, you may upgrade to dedicated or VOS hosting if your site grows bigger.

1. Server Reliability and Uptime Scores

You need a stable network connection and powerful hosting server. 96% is recommended –uptime score and 99% is acceptable. There are many methods to get the web host uptime information. One method to manage it by web hosting reviews- when we need to publish records based on test websites from time-to-time.  However, you may track it as well with many tools.

2. Server Upgrading Options

Quick comparison on VPS, shared, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting services. Learn the right time to update and share this guide. Powerful web hosting service is shared in these days.

3. Multiple Domains

Names of domain are not very expensive- it is difficult to resist now owning more than one. SaremcoTech own many accommodate extra domains we need extra web hosting space and it is also important to have hosting account which adds multiple domain. Generally speaking, shared hosting companies allow many domains however you may not be sure about it.

4.  Prices – Renewal Cost vs Hosting Signup

Web Hosting deals and shared hosting especially, are sold in very cheap on sign-up prices however renewal charges are higher. If you want to hoop in 2-3 host then there is no chance to avoid the costs.

5. Refund Policy

  • Should you select to cancel the host within trial period, does a company provide full amount return?
  • What is the refund polices of company after the trial session?
  • Is there any cancellation charges?

7. e-Commerce Features

  • Are they running an e-commerce website?
  • Are they using any specific shopping cart software?
  • Do you want to process transactions on a website?

8. An Easy-to-use Hosting Control Panel

A functional and a user-friendly hosting control panel is also very important.

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