What is important in a Web Hosting Provider?


What is important in a Web Hosting Provider?

‘Perfect hosting boils down to three S’s- security, support, speed’ said by digital director, Adam Berry at ‘Wingard Ceative’. The CEO of Digital media services ‘Nasdaq’s Simon ball’ said scalability is very critical. You need the skills to rapidly scale site as your target users grows. The resiliency to handle bursts of high-traffic.

Hosting Services Types by Hosting Provider:-

Web hosting services are

  • Reliable Uptime
  • Easy to Use Website builder
  • Numerous Open Source Applications
  • Site Restore Automatic Backup
  • Ample Disk Space
  • 1-Click Install WordPress® Blog
  • Extensive Program Language Support
  • Leverage Existing Domain Name
  • FTP Access

These services are available in wide range of prices from some dollars to thousands of dollars. If you are handling small business, you may do well with cloud, VPS or managed services ranging from USD 10 – USD 100 on monthly basis.

Have a look at recommended things by experts you must consider if selecting a Hosting Provider and web links to different commerce listing of discounts and services. You can get share in revenue from products’ sales and services provided by partners.

Decide how much hand holding you need. Main customer service offers access to phone support and e-mail ticket. Turnaround time on request varies. Some Hosting Provider offer 23 hours phone support. Actually, the limited factor to non-managed service is that as a vendor can answer questions about configurations. It would not be system managers.

If you need to delegate the site’s management completely, then you need a service manager. These provide will verify system is configured for your load, focus on security factors, patch your software as manage backups and required in other tasks.  Estimate the traffic’s amount you expect. These providers are based on bandwidth and storage usage. Bandwidth is a measure of how many memory bytes they serve in given period. If you suppose few folks to visit your website. However, if you are not featured at Google’s top and product goes viral we may expect bandwidth requirements to outpouring.

You should know and understand types of servers. The cheapest hosting is also available on shared servers where one box can run thousands of sites, the site’s performance depends on a load all the sites are adjusted on host. Shared hosting limits an access to capabilities, limited to uploading files through SFTP and FTP.  IT prevents shell access and restricts the program that we can run on a service. It is limited to amount of database access of site may perform.

The new tier is virtual private server – VPS that is a perfect instance of machine running on a box. Genially, provider runs different instances on a box; you must know basic management and service maintenance. If you can’t share performance in other websites then consider physical box or dedicated server. It is same as having a server behind desk, except it is located in data center of provider.

Cloud server can be perfect choice. They run on giant clouds like Microsoft Azure, Web service or Amazon. Provider may build whatever suits the needs of clients. The main benefit of server is that you may scale impeccably. If you want to handle the big traffic’s surge, only pay money to provider. Nothing needs to be re-built or moved.  Choose a portable content management system and own your domain name.

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